Oklahoma History

Venture into the unique history of people places and one of a kind Oklahoma things.

In these pages of Oklahoma history, we take you into the behind the scenes little known and sometimes nearly forgotten people, places, and things, that without them Oklahoma would be a much different and less interesting place today.

Learn about the history of Tulsa, and how the entire documentation was kept in a residence closet, cared for by Nina Dunn, who it had been interested to by those who formed the city and its magic roots.

Learn about the founding of Oklahoma’s first State Capital, and its eventual moving to another city, Oklahoma City.

Learn about the harrowing adventure of the USS Batfish Submarine that was saved from destruction by George Hargrave the chairman of Oklahoma Veterans Affairs.

The USS Batfish in Muskogee Oklahoma and its facinatiing travel adventures from a decorated fighting submarine in World War Two, to being chosen as a memorial by Senator George Hargrave to be brought to Oklahoma in a never before attempted method to save the historic boat.